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As a Member of FOS you can promote following Activities:

  1. Support a needy child for education, medical, sports, cultural activities
  2. Vocational Education support to school dropouts
  3. Providing training programs to women on safe drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, health, income generation, legal right and leadership development.
  4. Tree plantation and environmental regeneration
  5. Medical checkup and support

Help to develop value system among the youths and volunteer service

While being a member of the FOS, you can show your support to the various sectors as:

  1. Support students for the Education and coaching classes.
  2. Support students for sports.
  3. Support students for English spoken classes.
  4. Support students for music and dance classes.
  5. Try to help as many as poor and needy children for their education, health, and overall development.
  6. Develop cultural program for the children, activities like drawing, painting, craft, sports, picnic with the help of parents of the children.
  7. Visit SAMPARC Centre as a volunteer to support Child Development Activities by participating in the planning of the work, documentation, literature, production and organizing training. Even from home one can promote FOS through online program and connect thousands of people of the world.
  8. Become Ambassador of children.

Contribute your skill, energy and knowledge for development of the children.


There is no age limit to bar to participate in FOS.

The interested member who want to be a part of FOS Should run some activities as mentioned above.

It is advice:

Making a small group, choose specific members to develop an informal setup of FOS in your area. It aims to bring like-minded social entrepreneur in one place and to start some social activities.


FOS Members should identify themselves as one community for the cause society. Apart from helping each other member should visit together to orphanage, School, Hostel for poor and disadvantages children and for community education support to poor needy children especially to girls.

Vocational Training for rural school dropouts.

Community health awareness and medical support.

The members should Plan to run extracurricular activities in their area such as support for coaching classes, music, sports, art& craft competition etc.

Organize visit to SAMPARC centres in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and West Bengal.

The members should take decision in the groups to overcome all wrong and unsocial activities to maintain dignity of the members of FOS.